The web is forever evolving. The traditional notion of the web site and the web page are in retreat and communicating about your products and services is increasingly complex. With 20 years experiences from the early days of the search engine, Web Marketing is integral to what we do.

Your site, your products or your services need to be found by the right people in the right place. By identifying who your users are, the web sites, social media, search engines and devices they use, we can work out efficient ways for you to communicate your message.

We aim to make your life easier by integrating with social media wherever it helps and can provide you with monthly reports on how your website is performing and what your users are doing along with consultancy on how to develop your marketing on the web.


Our web marketing philosophy

  • Content is King – write intelligently for your users, visitors or customers. Write with a good awareness of the search terms your users use
  • Don’t try to spam Google – eventually you’ll lose
  • Keep writing – we help customers manage their Google Adwords, but our aim is to get you to adopt an online strategy that eventually minimises your Adwords spend as much as possible
  • use Social Media in a sympathetic, communicative and user-focused way