eLearning and Online Training Systems

From open source eLeaning platforms for universities and colleges to corporate training systems courses for employees with measurable test results and certificates, we can tailor our training and eLearning systems for a wide variety of needs.

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Think Academy at L&C Mortgages

Case Study: Think Academy and L&C Mortgages

Our work for ThinkAcademy and L&C Mortgages has been around providing measurable learning technology with courses and quizzes to cover a large body of the in-house training needed at L&C.

L&C’s courses have been built with a wide variety of types of material to learn from, including video and multimedia. We can also make courses and sections dependent on others so we can improve knowledge within your organisation at a suitable pace.

With L&C, as with most organisations, it’s sometime essential to be truly sure members have been trained in the right areas and at the right level. We therefore use technology than means courses can end with quizzes, with all sorts of different answer options from multiple choice to ranges and qualitative text answers to be marked. Our quizzes can have pass marks giving students just one or many attempts to pass.

Students can receive virtual certificates to help keep motivation high. Reports can be run by managers and give an organisation vital intelligence about the understanding of their staff providing assurances that can be quantified and presented.