Recently featured on Countryfile, the Hidden Histories project of the Beaford Archive is a digitisation of 10,000 previously unseen images from the Beaford Archive: an archive of photos taken by James Ravilious and Roger Deakins capturing life in North Devon over a 20 year period starting in the early 70s. We have worked with Beaford Arts to understand the various visitors and aims of the archive, focusing on user journeys which allow users to easily find specific images but also to encourage serendipitous browsing and create the sense of getting lost in the archive’s rich subject matter.

“The material of the Beaford Archive, belonging to its future and rooted in its past, is of and for North Devon in the most fundamental sense.” Founding Director John Lane, 1974

The project is ongoing and we continue to both develop the site and support it’s day-to-day running.