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Organisations are increasingly trying to get their collections digitised, catalogued and visible to the public… and our preferred approach is always to make sure a collection is as integrated into your website as possible. In the case of the Heath Robinson Museum, this means collection items sit alongside pages and posts or new stories with the ability to edit collection items just as easily through the website’s dashboard as any other type of content. Crucially, though, we’ve also made it easy to import items in bulk so Museum volunteers can easily keep the collection up-to-date.

By using, in this instance, WordPress’s ability to easily create new types of content, and its ability to add all sorts of different fields and taxonomies, we’ve created a cost-effective way of getting the public to interact with the Heath Robinson collection as well as to easily show grids of collection items (eg everything from a given year, or a given exhibition) in different areas of the website as needed.

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