Web and App Design – Our Process

Web and App Design

Great software like great buildings need to be designed well structurally, functionally and artistically. Our web sites and are designed to be found and our apps are designed to be intuitive as well as look great. Working out who your users are, carefully designing your information architecture, menus and interaction and working with you to create copy for users and search engines alike to easily find you is at the core of what we do. We work best collaborating with you on creating a digital strategy to meet your business objectives.


Making Personas – Who are your users?

Before we explore how your website or app may works, and how it will look, we need to work out who you want to use it. At this point, we map out the as series personas – stereotypes of the sort of your users or visitors and what they’re likely to be looking for or wanting to do. In order to make decisions about features or design, we can come back to your personas and let your imagined users decide.


Information Architecture and Content

Now that we’ve explored who your users are, we’ll then look at the structure and the sort of content and interactivity which will be needed for your website or in your app. Armed with post-it notes and plenty of patience, we can map out menu structures and screen flows, making sure we use the language your users will expect to see and understand and not the language used within your industry. Ideally, at this point, we’ll also aim to come up with some likely copy for your site and app.


Web Design

Now that we’ve explored who your web site or app is for, along with structure and kind of content and interaction it will present, we can work on the designed elements, layouts and interactivity usually through prototypes of your app or site. We can work with existing brand guidelines or create a new brand identity and logos informed by your perception of the customers or visitors you hope to appeal to.


Launching, Hosting and Developing

We don’t believe in a one-hit, fire and forget release. In fact, we recommend you make small iterative changes working to get the features and improvements you need up first instead of waiting for everything to be finished. For us, a launch may be simply getting a web page online with your address or a blog so that search engines can start to find you while we work, for example, on developing your online shop or the prototype of an app to explore feedback with. When working on the web, we’re a firm believer that your website is never finished and after we launch we can help to guide your content strategy, target search engines, develop your branding and focus on getting the users you want to attract while safely hosting your website and email. For website and apps, user testing, feedback and analytics are all essential data to understand how we need to evolve.

Case Studies

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