Websites for Universities

Webdesign for Bath Spa University

We have a strong background in higher education and we bring a lot of experience of working with and within universities. Universities are diverse organisations and creating websites which work need to attract a wide variety of visitors and users as well as work well a wide range of employees. We always encourage a healthy degree of stakeholder inclusion from the outset.

Our Approach

As with all of our projects, our approach is fundamentally user-centred with a healthy emphasis on creating a strong understanding of web visitors and the broader set of web users within your organisation. Our approach sees us;

  • always try to speak in a language that stakeholders will understand with the right degree of involvement and inclusion to make a project work. We know that the ongoing success of a website is usually dependent upon the positivity of members of a team towards it
  • always bring the organisation back to the web users to make sure that the final project meets their needs
  • look to work in partnership so that a website isn’t simply delivered and left but tended, assessed and improved over the long term

Case Study for a University Website – The Global Academy of Liberal Arts

The website for The Global Academy of Liberal Arts is a Bath Spa University initiative and is one of several projects we work with Bath Spa University on. The project aims to bring together liberal arts institutions from around the world to work collaboratively within a single website to share projects, research and opportunities with other members from around the world.

Personas and Requirements Analysis

Our first step was to gain an understanding of the different users who would interact with the website, the user journeys which would lead them there and the types of interaction the site would seek to embody. We worked to create a design brief as well as wireframes to share and understand some of the journeys involved and user interactions within the website.

Design, Software Choices and Software Development

We worked quickly to come up with a defined set of approaches for GALA’s branding, and iteratively evolved a single preferred approach.

We use open source software wherever possible to make sure that what we offer is robust, cost-effective and well-developed.

Ongoing Partnership and Web Support

As with many of our projects, we continue to work with Bath Spa University to host and support the GALA website including some of the administrative tasks involved.

Global Academy of Liberal Arts