Web Design for eCommerce and Businesses

We know that, as a online shop or small business with something to sell, that it’s incredibly important to design your website to make sure that it has great Search Engine Optimisation. First and foremost, you need to be found. To do that, we first go about understanding your customers, as well as the customers you would like to have, what they search for and what kind of journey through your website will best serve them and your organisation.

Our Approach

Our approach to creating a new website is a staged one, designed to include all of your stakeholders, and it is guided by some strong principles;

  • we will always try to speak in a language you understand and before any web design or web development takes place, we’ll want to hold stakeholder meetings to make sure everyone is, and feels, included in the project. The ongoing success of many websites is dependent on the positivity an organisations feels towards them
  • throughout the process, we will always place your users and visitors as the focus. Early on we will brainstorm and document a set of personas; a characterisation of the different visitors and we’ll keep bringing you back to them
  • we work in partnership; a good website isn’t a one-hit delivered product but one which is born out of a well-worked out strategy, frequent review and support

Case Study for a small business and online shop – The Piano Shop Bath

We have worked with The Piano Shop Bath for many years, taking their web presence from a simple brochure site to one which lists all their products, provides eCommerce through an online shop and provides a whole host of other functionality from finding Piano Teachers to product reviews.

Creation of an online shop

It’s often difficult to standardise your selling in such that a way that an online shop requires. We all sell different products in different ways, may want to offer deals for different products or groups of products and may want to encourage all sorts up up-selling. Our first step with The Piano Shop Bath was to understand the business and how it works, and then work through internal systems and web systems to understand how selling takes place before translating this to the web. We understand that a website needs to fit well into your business processes.

Internal Processes

With that in mind, we also worked with The Piano Shop Bath to map out and update where useful, the internal systems. This can mean finding easier, automated ways to log communication with customers who you may come into contact with your business on the web or simply through a phone call. For this, we helped integrate a CRM (customer relationship management system) as well as work out ways to automatically invoice customers when the time was right.

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Management

We have worked on an ongoing basis with The Piano Shop Bath to come up with an agile social media strategy as well as a content management strategy, constantly coming up with new ideas to publish information customers want to read from piano reviews to useful news, as well as ways to share this news through social media. The results of all this have seen The Piano Shop Bath amongst the top piano shops in the country.

Business Growth

We also worked with The Piano Shop Bath to grow into new areas of businesses, specifically with business consultancy, branding, and creating a web presence for 88keys.studio which creates incredible bespoke pianos for design-oriented customers.

A screenshot of The Piano Shop Bath website